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  • Roberto Manetta started his professional photographic career in 1999. 
  • He specializes in glamour photography and reportage, including projects that have slowly delved into a very personal search of the mixing and marrying of so called "Creative Nudes" and portraits. 
  • As a freelance photographer, Roberto is particularly popular for managing a very suggestive use of shadow and light in portraits and street photography and shows a great skill in creating a pleasant blend of documention by telling visual stories of places and of the people who are crossing them. 
  • After many years of study he has gone from analogic to digital but always trys hard to keep to the ideals, the form and details of classical photography.
  • He lives and works in Rome, where he continues to maintain an active "photographic idea" about the creative photography, showing his work in galleries and art spaces of the capital.
  • Since 2004, he works closely with several artistic groups in the representation of dance, theater and the performing arts related to music. 
  • He is also shooting for Actress/Actors agencies in Rome. His photographs have appeared in many national and international books and magazines devoted to the Art of Photography.
  • A creative nude photograph isn't an artistic nude photograph
  • A creative nude project needs an effective dose of originality and study, so that one can create without any help of the digital manipulation, which reinforces its value
  • A creative nude project needs integrated logistics support, craftsmanship to manage accessories and study locations in case of outdoor photo-shoots. 
  • A creative nude photograph needs to be developed over time, following a clear and determined concept.
  • A creative nude project needs appropriate funding set aside for materials and assistance during the photo-shoot.
  • A creative nude project requires excellent technical photographic skills and a profound understanding of lighting, lens management and manual adjustments of a photographic camera.
  • A creative nude photography is the desire to show your soul, your imagination and your dreams, whilst striving to be unique


  • Roberto Manetta
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